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In Memoriam

Dimitrious Stanley was a football star, cancer fighter

The 2001 graduate made it his mission to help other men guard against prostate cancer, which he was diagnosed with at age 45.

Dressed in a pinstripe suit and wearing glasses, a Black man stands in front of Ohio Stadium, looking into the distance and smiling

Professor Braumoeller: A true scholar and friend

While his research focused on escalation and war, Professor Bear F. Braumoeller was beloved for spreading encouragement and kindness.

Bear Braumoeller sits in a chair as he speaks with three graduate students sitting around him. He has curling, graying hair and wears a cardigan and loafers, and his skin crinkles around his eyes as he smiles.

Remembering Ohio State alumni who have passed away

The following list includes updates reported by family members, newspapers and other sources. Each entry includes name, graduation year(s), city of residence and date of passing. 

News of the passing of Ohio State graduates may be shared with the university community by sending an email to 

Ohio State students at a candlelight vigil

She made Ohio State a leader in women’s athletics

With gusto, wit and charm, Phyllis Bailey was persistent in pushing to get women’s sports the respect they deserve.

On the field in Ohio Stadium, an older white woman wearing a scarlet and gray argyle vest stands next to a younger black woman. She’s looking at her friend and they are both laughing.

Bill Lowrie gave constantly, in ways big and small

William G. Lowrie ’66 and his genuine support of Buckeyes earned him respect and appreciation wherever he went.

An older man wearing glasses and a checked button-down gestures while teaching a class in front of a white board.

Linda Schuler ’68 made Columbus more festive, inclusive

The Buckeye chaired the Pride Parade for 22 years and spent three decades as a leader in the city’s Department of Recreation and Parks.

Two white women, one with short blond hair and the other with long dark hair, lean into the photo as parade-watchers line the street behind them. The women’s smiles say they are happy and proud.