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Letters to the Editor

Ohio State Alumni Magazine welcomes readers to continue the conversations started in stories that appear online or in the magazine’s quarterly print edition. Letters selected for publication typically address topics raised in the magazine, although the editor sometimes makes exceptions. We edit submissions for space, clarity, accuracy and civility. Letters convey the opinions of the writers, not those of members of the magazine team, alumni association staff or university community. Submit your letter at the bottom of this page.

  • WOSU spreads news and goodwill

    The summer Ohio State Alumni Magazine was filled with fascinating and entertaining articles. I was especially pleased to read those celebrating the centennial of WOSU radio and television stations.

    Shortly after graduating, I had the good fortune to accept a position with WOSU TV. After working in a variety of positions at the station over a nine-year period, I headed an agency for the State of Ohio that provided financial support, interconnection and technical services to WOSU and other public television and public radio stations across Ohio.

    Throughout my three decades in that position, I always was impressed by WOSU’s outreach to the community and Central Ohio region. The stations continue to be respected ambassadors for The Ohio State University.

    David L. Fornshell ’59
  • Kudos to Katie and other educators

    I really enjoyed the summer article on Katie Paulson Silcott ’02, ’10 MA. She and colleague Grace Sowers ’12 are inspiring educators! It’s not an exaggeration to say that I laughed and cried reading about their efforts to raise up students and staff in their school.

    Thanks to Ohio State Alumni Magazine for shining a light on the positive work of teachers. As an elementary school principal, I needed that. It’s been a challenging stretch. Bravo to them and to your team!

    Shannon Kriegmont ’91
    Madison, Ohio
  • Middle school teacher Katie Silcott grins while dancing. Her T-shirt reads: Your voice has power.

    Thanks for that storytelling

    Thank you for the very good summer issue. It is insightful and brings back wonderful memories from my four years at The Ohio State University.

    I especially appreciated Kristen Schmidt’s article about Katie Paulson Silcott. The composition is positive, enlightening and educational. Keep up the good work!

    Geary H. Larrick ’65
    Glenview, Illinois
  • Deeds of days past still treasured

    Terrific article on Jim Noe ’61, ’65 MA and his family in your summer issue. When I was a freshman at Ohio State, Jim guided me through the admissions process for the College of Optometry and encouraged me through every step. I’m so grateful for his diligence and persistence during my entire time as a student at Ohio State. His leadership and kindness are respected qualities appreciated by optometrists whose lives he touched.

    Ronald B. Arenstein ’76 OD
    Fort Myers, Florida
  • Fine times at the chess board

    I read with interest the spring issue article on the Chess Club and Pan American Intercollegiate Championships. [Editor‘s note: This article appeared only in the print issue. Not getting it? Find out how to on this webpage.] Ohio State did not just host the championship in 1972, but also in 1975, 1982, 1987 and 2017. As a graduate student, I played in the 1982 tournament on Ohio State’s F team.

    Ohio State, as host, sponsored the entries of many students, with the teams created on the basis of player ratings with the U.S. Chess Federation.

    I was invited to play by Dale Sharp ’81 PhD, a leading player at Ohio State at the time. One of my best friends, Mike Shearer ’87, ’94 MA, played for the E team, though we had not met at that time. Ironically, one of my matchups was against Penn State, my undergraduate alma mater. That was my last official tournament as an active player.

    Ken Gilbert ’81 MS
  • Come a little farther north, Buckeyes

    I got great pleasure out of the “Where I Live: It’s a great time to see Seattle” article and the alumni recommendations on sights to see in the Seattle area. I encourage my fellow alumni to spread their wings just 30 minutes further and come visit North Bend and the Snoqualmie Valley!

    At Snoqualmie Falls, the second most visited natural area in the state, take a ride from North Bend on a historic train with the nationally known Northwest Railway Museum and hike Mount Si, Rattlesnake Ledge and more! Then pop into one of our breweries, bakeries, small-town restaurants or wineries to rest and plan your next trip.

    Mayor Rob McFarland ’83
    North Bend, Washington

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