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Our Alumni

He knows the power of architecture 

To two-time graduate Sam Rosenthal, CEO of architecture firm Schooley Caldwell, designing spaces and renovating landmarks are about creating great experiences for people.

President Johnson answers questions from you

She shares the importance of optimism, how service is in action at Ohio State and why a rigid schedule can help you.

The courage of Dr. Christina Knight

Serving in Navajo Nation, this Buckeye has endured hardship and doubts to provide the kind of care that changed her own life.

She cares for aardvarks, sea lions and bears

Columbus Zoo vet Katie Seeley ’17 MS put in years of work to achieve her dream. Follow her for one jam-packed day.

Hear how a Buckeye doctor helps Navajo Nation

Christina Knight, an openhearted young alum, pushes through hardship to provide the kind of care that changed her own life.

Unique to you: How to upcycle an old buckeye necklace

Clay artist Lizzie Howald shares her process for creating oven-baked beads so you can make your own nutty statement piece.

Retired brigadier general shares his keepsakes

He laughs at some of the things he had to do in the Air Force ROTC, but more important, it shaped him as an officer.

Alumni board chair’s advice: Take that meeting

Life fuels learning for Mark Eppert ’88, so trust him when he says meet people, ask questions, don’t waste time.

Homecoming, Welcome Week, storming the field…

Block O, commencement. Looking at the ’Shoe, Chantelle Porter ’03 instantly recalls some of the best days of her life.

This expert built a mini ’Shoe in his basement

Engineer Bob Long, who helped renovate the stadium, spent more than 1,000 hours re-creating “the cathedral of football.”