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Research & Innovation

10 Buckeye innovators striving for thriving

These professors, researchers and medical professionals maintain a constant focus on improving people’s lives.

6 student startups that got a boost from Ohio State

President’s Buckeye Accelerator provides teams with funding, skills building and mentorship to help them help others.

Soul mates and science: Here, he found 2 loves

Howard M. Johnson found a bright future on a campus far from home. Now, he and his late wife are lighting the way for others.

Why Pelotonia makes this cancer researcher cry

Abby Zalenski’s grandpa lived thanks to a charity ride-funded treatment, and that put her on a path to help others. 

This project will track bees using their DNA  

Funded by the Defense Department, the professor-alumnus collaboration is intended to help protect crucial pollinators. 

60 years apart, scientists share zeal for discovery

Kristin Chesnutt is the first recipient of the Nancy Byrd Johnson and Howard M. Johnson endowment, and a kindred spirit.

He sees the potential for data to do good 

Researcher Ayaz Hyder turns insights from the pandemic into tools that can help us better navigate future public health crises. 

The vexing stage we call puberty mystifies experts, too

Scientists have almost as many questions about human development as middle schoolers and their exasperated parents do. 

Does dust in your home hold dangerous microbes?

Karen Dannemiller knows. She studies allergens, microbes and contaminants to help people breathe easier while inside. 

The moves making Columbus a tech leader of tomorrow

Look for Intel’s plans and new Ohio State efforts, such as the Innovation District, to make an impact for years to come.