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Our Students

6 student startups that got a boost from Ohio State

President’s Buckeye Accelerator provides teams with funding, skills building and mentorship to help them help others.

New generation, new approach to General Education

With the first major update in 30 years, the program every undergrad must take will offer more flex and real-life value.

60 years apart, scientists share zeal for discovery

Kristin Chesnutt is the first recipient of the Nancy Byrd Johnson and Howard M. Johnson endowment, and a kindred spirit.

At 18, she’s graduating high school and college

Getting a head start on her mission to cure MS, the determined Lizzie Chung is driven by her family’s experience.

Already a model for accessibility and empowerment

Caroline Karbowski, an Ohio State senior and a nonprofit leader, builds 3D models for those who are blind or low-vision.

Where future veterinarians learn what’s coming

The Frank Stanton Veterinary Spectrum of Care Clinic eases what can be a trying transition from college to profession.

Connected to Buckeyes ‘even half a world away’

This alumna connects with a current student on their common ground of journalism, the pandemic, Ohio State traditions and day-to-day life.

‘Through the fire together’

Students and alumni describe how Buckeye Leadership Fellows opened their minds and hearts, shaping the way they perceive the world.

Students lead us closer to justice and equity

Historian and Associate Professor Hasan Jeffries writes about the ways Ohio State has made progress and fallen short on racial justice issues in its 150-year history.

Students talk about their activism

University students assume a unique role in movements for civil rights and social justice.