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Emeritus Academy: School of deep roots, new growth

Through this program, retired faculty continue their research and share findings with respected peers and the community.

Where I Live: Welcome to São Paulo, Brazil!

Alumni who proudly infuse Brazil’s biggest city with Buckeye spirit share their top picks for dining, culture and fun. 

8 evidence-based tips to live to a healthy 100

Researchers have studied centenarians living around the world to learn what habits make a difference for longevity.

8 answers for how you can stand up to stress

Maryanna Klatt, head of Ohio State’s Center for Integrative Health, offers techniques to cope when life gets to be a lot.

Where I Live: Houston has all the tastes

The most diverse city in the United States, this Texas town has 10,000 restaurants to satisfy all kinds of tastes.

Cryptocurrency confusion? Amin Shams to the rescue

The assistant professor of finance explains the curious world of blockchain, bitcoin and cryptocurrency’s future.

8 tips to listen better and improve your relationships

Listening well is an art that recognizes and respects people’s emotions and values. It pays benefits for them and you.

Vision boards: How to collage with purpose

Turn New Year’s resolutions from good intentions to reality with this fun tool that can serve as constant motivation.

It’s true: Healthy diets can promote mental wellness

Associate Professor Irene Hatsu, who researches how proper nutrition helps people live well, answers alumni questions.

Finding purpose will make you happier and healthier

These tips can help you discover (or rediscover) your passion and apply the benefits across all aspects of your life.