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Spirit & Sports

Mom proud as daughter (unknowingly) follows footsteps

That Krista Rowles Scheetz ’95 and Amelia Scheetz both connected with Student-Alumni Council was by chance, not design.

Alumni tell us: This is Ohio State’s hardest class

In a totally unscientific study, we analyzed answers from 360 graduates to find out which 10 challenging courses were the most-cited.

Women’s basketball players are fans of this special kid

Expressing how the team feels about 6-year-old Landon McChesney, guard Jacy Sheldon says: “Having him here inspires us.”

A love for learning, leading is in this family’s genes

A wise grandmother passed down these passions to Tina Pierce and her son, an Undergraduate Student Government leader.

Aaron Craft: From basketball court to clinicals

Lessons learned playing with the Buckeyes and after college help Craft manage the rigors of Ohio State medical school.

Hustle & heart: The making of national champs

A new coach and an approach that delights in working hard together turned the women’s ice hockey team into a powerhouse.

She made Ohio State a leader in women’s athletics

With gusto, wit and charm, Phyllis Bailey was persistent in pushing to get women’s sports the respect they deserve.

Professor builds 8-foot-long ’Shoe out of Legos

Paul Janssen spent more than 1,000 hours crafting the marvelous model, which is now being used to support good causes.

Meet an icon: The man who designed our ’Shoe

Howard Dwight Smith was inspired by ancient architecture when creating the stadium that has served Ohio State for 100 years.

This expert built a mini ’Shoe in his basement

Engineer Bob Long, who helped renovate the stadium, spent more than 1,000 hours re-creating “the cathedral of football.”