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Spring 2022

Research & Innovation
Why Pelotonia makes this cancer researcher cry

Abby Zalenski’s grandpa lived thanks to a charity ride-funded treatment, and that put her on a path to help others. 

Campus & Community
This storyteller’s No. 1 priority is listening

Leticia Wiggins ’11, ’13 MA, ’16 PhD dedicates herself to authentically reflecting the Ohioans who enrich our community. 

Our Alumni
The man behind CAPA’s curtain shares a day in his life

At Columbus’ premier performing arts group, CEO Chad Whittington ’99 expertly juggles priorities so the shows can go on.

Campus & Community
Kids programming parents can feel good about

Original shows, national series and local events provided by WOSU make for rich resources for families and teachers.

Campus & Community
WOSU at 100: Power of the people

WOSU Public Media has enriched Central Ohioans’ lives from the earliest days of radio to these times of plentiful ways to tune in. What comes next? New GM Ronnie Agnew shares.

Campus & Community
He produced 96 commencements. Here are his top 5.

WOSU’s John Prosek is a master at capturing scenes from these memorable days, but it was daily TV that first hooked him.

News You Can Use
A traveler’s guide to conquering the digital world

These strategies can help keep the computers and devices that dominate our days from dominating our minds.

Campus & Community
Ann Fisher wants you to know about everything

The journalist who expertly shares ‘All Sides’ of local-to-global issues that matter came to WOSU a virtual radio newbie. 

Spirit & Sports
Ohio State coach Karen Dennis: A leader for all

A Buckeye to be proud of, the newly retired coach spent her life racking up wins and showing women belong in leadership.

Campus & Community
‘Broad & High’ stories so good, they went national

WOSU and its Columbus team have a history of influencing the national stage and contributing meaningful shows to NPR.

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