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Spring 2022

Our Alumni
How painting helped him cope with OCD

Former tennis player Jeff Sparr is dedicated to helping others build mental wellness through creativity, just as he did.

Campus & Community
This commencement provided a special thrill

Just part of the reason: The ceremony was the only one held at the ’Shoe in its centennial year, says Molly Ranz Calhoun.

Arts & Culture
Chuck Csuri: Comfortable on the edge

The father of digital art helped drive what we see in animated movies, TV graphics and so many more computer creations.

Audio icon
Arts & Culture
Top 40: Four Buckeyes, four road trip playlists

We asked an alum, two professors and a student which songs they would queue up for a summer drive. See what you think. 

Campus & Community
Summers that led Buckeyes down new roads

Eight alumni share their stories, including repeating classes, traveling far from Ohio and deciding to switch majors. 

Our Alumni
Teach music, spread joy!

Katie Paulson Silcott ’02, ’10 MA spends every day sharing with her middle school students the power of music to build confidence and unite people. She does it so well, she was named a Grammy finalist.

Research & Innovation
The vexing stage we call puberty mystifies experts, too

Scientists have almost as many questions about human development as middle schoolers and their exasperated parents do. 

News You Can Use
Does dust in your home harbor dangerous microbes?

Karen Dannemiller knows. She studies allergens, microbes and contaminants to help people breathe easier while inside. 

Current Conversations
Inside the world of a servant on the streets

Nurse Esther Flores ’01 gave up her day job to provide victims of human trafficking with safe spaces and food for mind, body and spirit.

Current Conversations
How are Buckeyes fighting human trafficking?

To confront a complicated problem like human trafficking, it takes a community, and as Buckeyes, we’re invested.

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