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Our Alumni

Our stadium means fun, family and friendships

The ’Shoe plays a longtime leading role in fall traditions and college memories for this proud Buckeye and so many more.

In an old color photograph, a young woman in cap and gown stands between her proud parents. Ohio Stadium can be seen in the background.

Outside the ’Shoe, Molly Ranz Calhoun celebrates graduation with her parents in 1986. (Photos courtesy of Ranz Calhoun)

In an old black-and-white photograph, a young man in cap and gown smiles at his wife, who’s wearing a hat, gloves and dress. They’re inside Ohio Stadium and many more Buckeyes are behind them.

Inside the ’Shoe, a younger version of Ranz Calhoun’s parents celebrate her dad’s graduation from the College of Dentistry in 1952.

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