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Buckeyes’ giving spirit

Buckeyes have extraordinary potential to improve lives and communities — in ways that play out every day and ways that have yet to be imagined. There is lot to inspire you in these stories that demonstrate how Ohio State alumni, students, faculty, staff and friends are making our world more welcoming and our future more promising.

Student Support

TBDBITL: A ‘history much bigger than me’

Director Hoch, trombone player Tori Mollenkopf and an interactive video share what it’s like to belong to this beloved marching band, which receives key scholarship support from alumni.

Trombone player Tori Mollenkopf
  • Lonnie Thompson and Ellen Mosley-Thompson wearing jackets

    Journey with courageous climate scientists

    The Thompsons have braved a fraught path to delve into Earth’s climate history and prepare future scientists.

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  • illustration of several different people helping surrounded by various shapes and patterns

    10 ways you can help fight homelessness

    College of Social Work Dean Tom Gregoire offers compassion, action and understanding to help those who don’t have homes.

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  • taylor gruenwald standing on balcony

    How an Evans Scholar found community

    As an Evans Scholar at Ohio State, Taylor Gruenwald experienced the good things that come from embracing differences.

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Support what matters to you.

With an Ohio State community that does so much good — educating generations, driving research, paying forward in our neighborhoods and beyond — there are countless ways to join in and support what matters most to you.