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Goalie of the first men’s soccer team makes a return

Paul Halpern met the current student-athletes and coach Brian Maisonneuve to swap stories and see the new facility.

An older man happily chats, while wearing a scarlet shirt and long Buckeyes scarf, lounging on a bench along a soccer field at the Schumaker Complex. Behind him, the grass looks vibrant and soccer balls and field markings can be seen. Facing him are members of the men’s soccer team listening as he talks.

Paul Halpern chats with men’s soccer players after an invite from Coach Brian Maisonneuve brought him to campus. (Photo by Billy Ennis)

Ready for more soccer?

The College of Education and Human Ecology shares how Frank Vizcarra ’79 grew up in a barrio in Tijuana and went on to become a two-time most valuable player for Ohio State, a pro midfielder and a McDonald’s executive. 

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