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Todd Jones

Photo portrait of author Todd Jones

Todd Jones

Todd Jones has been a senior writer for Ohio State Alumni Magazine and University Marketing and Communications since 2017. He also served as host of the Ohio State podcast “One Degree Greater,” featuring Buckeyes in their first years after graduation.

Todd spent three decades as a newspaper reporter, including 20 years at The Columbus Dispatch, and has received more than 50 national, state and local journalism awards. He reported on stories from Australia, Greece, Scotland, Japan and nearly every major U.S. city while covering events such as Hurricane Katrina, the Olympics and two Ohio State football national championships. His work has appeared in numerous publications, including The New York Times and Los Angeles Times.

You can usually find Todd with his face in a nonfiction book, listening to all types of music, enjoying time with his wife, Deb Bertsch, or having yet another fashion faux pas corrected by his two young-adult daughters.

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