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6 meals seniors say they’ll miss after graduating

These campus-area favorites from dining halls and High Street restaurants can pique both taste buds and fond memories.

As students from the class of 2023 finish up their final months at Ohio State, they are reflecting on all the things, big and small, they’ll miss. One of those? Their favorite meals to eat around campus.

Though food may not be the first thing that comes to mind when people think about Ohio State, it proves to be an important part of the campus experience. Whether it’s in a dining hall or a restaurant on High Street, Buckeyes find a meal can bring them together or just add a delicious note to a satisfying day of hard work.

Have a look at some of the responses we received when we asked seniors to name the meal they will miss most.

A thick, creamy soup is shown in a bowl, topped by a generous dallop of sour cream, sliced green onions and chopped strips of bacon. Baked potato soup

Curl Market

“My favorite food item at Ohio State was by far the baked potato soup. It was usually featured at Curl and other markets on campus, but once in a blue moon would be offered at the Traditions locations,” says physics major Simon Filbert. “I don’t know what they do to make that soup but that will be the one that I miss the most.”

Flat, saucy noodles are shown mounded on a square plate with chunks of beef mixed throughout. A cup of sauce and a pair of chopsticks sit at the edges. Lo mein stir-fry with beef

Traditions at Scott

“I had a particularly favorite campus spot, Scott Traditions, and the Mongolian Grill on the second floor was my favorite area within Scott,” says Yondris Ferguson, a double major in political science and African American and African studies. “I would get the stir-fry with lo mein noodles, beef and one of three sauces: Korean BBQ, General Tso’s or teriyaki.”

A burrito that has been cut in half is shown with open-ends up. Hot sauce is being poured across the visible rice, chorizo, black beans and potatoes. On the plate next to the burrito are corn chips. Plant-based chorizo burrito

Curl Market

“Made by the best Buckeyes around, I will miss my Curl burritos the most,” says Shane Clough, a civil engineering major. “Sometimes my favorite part of the day is when I get to the burrito station and I tell the worker I want all the hot sauce they have left. They tell me to say when and then watch in horror or amazement as I wait until there isn’t a dry space left. I’ll take a Curl burrito over Chipotle any day.”

A tinfoil-wrapped gyro, with a falafel ball, lettuce, chopped tomatoes and tzatziki sauce, sits on top of a mound of French fries, each a little slimmer than a person’s pinky finger. Next the food is a doughnut topped with a thick coat of chocolate with a mound of peanut butter in the middle. Gyro and dessert

Buckeye Donuts

“My go-to is a falafel gyro, fries, and a buckeye donut from Buckeye Donuts!” says Rachel Becker, a fourth-year marketing major.

A smothering of gravy and finely grated cheese covers most of the food on the plate, but some eggs and potatoes peak out at the edges. Country Skillet

Sloopy’s Diner

Candace Offman, a double major in history and political science, says, “The meal I’m going to miss the most is definitely the Country Skillet from Sloopy’s!”

Three tortillas on a plate hold chopped-up taco meat. They’re accented by slices of radish, cucumber and lime. A small bowl of hot sauce accompanies the food. Diablo Fire Habanero Tacos

Cazuela’s Mexican Cantina

“I love Mexican food and spicy food of all kinds, and Cazuela’s is the premier Mexican restaurant at Ohio State,” says Sage Klein, a political science and moving image production student. “I always recommend the Diablo Tacos from Cazuela’s to anyone I go with, but only some people can totally handle the heat. … But I promise, they’re good tacos.”

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