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Thirsty? Try a mix specially made for Buckeyes

In Mixology Minute, a seasonal video series, the alumni association and bartenders loyal to their alma mater share some tasty recipes.

a Fireside EspressOH Martini with marshmellows

The Fireside EspressOH Martini is among the drink recipes featured in Mixology Minute.

Has your mixed-drink game been getting stale? Or worse yet, does it fail to reflect your affection for your alma mater?

Then The Ohio State University Alumni Association has a webpage you’re going to want to bookmark. Mixology Minute, a seasonal video feature, offers fun new Buckeye recipes to add to your cocktail lineup. Not only made by alumni bartenders, these concoctions are themed around Ohio State.

Mirror Lake Mojito anyone? How about a Fireside EspressOH Martini?

Jordan Fonte makning a Fireside EspressOH Martini in a kitchen setting

“This was such a fun experience,” says Jordan Fonte, who makes a Fireside EspressOH Martini in the December video. “I had no idea what to expect when asked to do this, but definitely not a full production set and camera crew. It was very professional.” (Gabe Smith)

You can see Buckeye Jordan Fonte, event producer for Cameron Mitchell Premier Events in Columbus, make that second one. You wouldn’t know if from watching the video, but Fonte confides, “I was extremely nervous about being on camera. I’m sure there is a blooper reel of my blowtorch malfunctioning and spilling ingredients everywhere.”

Never fear if you haven’t equipped your kitchen with a blowtorch. None of these cocktails requires fire. Also worth noting: All of them can be made in just-as-tasty virgin versions if you’re looking to enjoy the experience minus the alcohol.

And, if you’ve created an Ohio State drink other cocktail enthusiasts should know about, the alumni association would love to learn more. Visit the Mixology Minute webpage to share your recipe.

Wondering what the alumni association mixed up for spring? Hop over to the website and see for yourself.

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