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Alumni share: You know you’re a Buckeye when…

Do you yell 2 letters at strangers? Do you have pets named for Ohio State greats? Read on to judge how you stack up against other super-fans.

Sorting laundry one afternoon, I chuckled at the realization that we have a load of reds to wash every week. “How many other people can say that?” I wondered, before answering my own question: a bunch of Buckeyes. And, like magic, this inquiry was conceived!  

The spire atop Orton Hall framed by trees and cloudless blue skies.We asked readers to share their evidence that scarlet (and, yes, gray) runs through our veins. Here are 15 of the best answers.  

“You have dishes in 10 colors but will not permit the yellow and blue to be adjacent!” — Nancy Vosler Smith ’86

“Every chime you hear takes you back to Orton Hall.” — Andrew Lehrian ’09 

“You wear your Varsity O ring on your right hand and your wedding ring on your left.” — Greg Cook ’71 

A small boy proudly shows a Buckeye leaf decal applied to his cheek“You have to explain that the leaf on your kid’s cheek is not weed.” — Matthew Kirlough ’96 DDS

“You fly in from Boston for a nonconference game at Ohio Stadium.” — Howard Kendall ’70 MBA

“You have a bunch of poisonous nuts lying around.” — Matt Fenstermaker ’13 

“You’ve got scarlet and gray gear in all your post-graduation sizes.” — William Ballard ’74, ’75 MBA 

A trio of dogs reacts to their owners' outstretched hand offering a snack.“Your dogs are named Archie, Woody and Sloopy.” — Jennifer Anderson ’04

“You see HO HO HO wrapping paper and think ‘That’s cool Ohio State paper.’” — Cheryl Hampton Bohm ’90

“You paint your house scarlet and gray!” — Tina Futrell ’97

“You drive an hour to go to an Ohio State doctor instead of one a mile away.” — Judy Waple Murphy ’99 MA, ’03 PHD

“You call O-H to strangers.” — Brandon King ’09  

“Carmen Ohio brings a tear to your eye.” — Ross Williams ’07

“You schedule your wedding so it does NOT fall on a home football game.” — Jackie Stuts ’83

“You know the instrument that dots the ‘i’ is a sousaphone.” — Erin Gerace ’01


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