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Paying Forward

He knows the power of architecture 

To two-time graduate Sam Rosenthal, CEO of architecture firm Schooley Caldwell, designing spaces and renovating landmarks are about creating great experiences for people.

The courage of Dr. Christina Knight

Serving in Navajo Nation, this Buckeye has endured hardship and doubts to provide the kind of care that changed her own life.

Hear how a Buckeye doctor helps Navajo Nation

Christina Knight, an openhearted young alum, pushes through hardship to provide the kind of care that changed her own life.

Soul mates and science: Here, he found 2 loves

Howard M. Johnson found a bright future on a campus far from home. Now, he and his late wife are lighting the way for others.

Why Pelotonia makes this cancer researcher cry

Abby Zalenski’s grandpa lived thanks to a charity ride-funded treatment, and that put her on a path to help others. 

Inspiration + perspiration + some TikTok magic

Taylor Gruenwald ’16, who turned the renovation of her childhood home into a TikTok hit, has never met a space she can’t transform.

How an Evans Scholar found community

As an Evans Scholar at Ohio State, Taylor Gruenwald experienced the good things that come from embracing differences.

At 18, she’s graduating high school and college

Getting a head start on her mission to cure MS, the determined Lizzie Chung is driven by her family’s experience.

Already a model for accessibility and empowerment

Caroline Karbowski, an Ohio State senior and a nonprofit leader, builds 3D models for those who are blind or low-vision.

Feeling uninspired? He has words of wisdom to share

Alumni association board member Said Sariolghalam ’07, ’09 MPA, ’10 MPH says Ohio State helped shape his perspective.