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Looking to play a Buckeye board game? Find it here

Our play on Chutes & Ladders takes gamers from the first day on campus to graduation in the ’Shoe, an adventure ripe for holiday or everyday parties.  

A curling path in Ohio State scarlet has squares marked off with game directions appearing every few spaces. Arrows pointing up mark shortcuts gamers can take; fewer pointing down take players back to replay sections of the path. Buckeyes are illustrated all around, related to game scenarios. For example, people pet dogs, throw snowballs and search for a cafeteria seat.

Just in time for your holiday parties, we bring you a thoroughly Ohio State version of the board game Chutes & Ladders. To play: 

Click on this button to get the six-page PDF that will make up the game board: 

Print it out on 8.5x11 paper. Align the pages and tape them together. 

Raid another game for a spinner or six-sided die and player pieces. The player with the most time spent on campus can roll first. 

Then venture on a journey from your first day at Ohio State to graduation in the ’Shoe. We hope Brutus’ spirit helps you find the ladders and avoid the chutes!  

Download more fun

Every month, the Ohio State University Alumni Association provides themed activities perfect for personal or family merry-making. The bundle topics include gratitude, pets, fall fun and more. 

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