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Spring 2021

Campus & Community
President Kristina M. Johnson answers your questions

She talks about helping students, teaching financial literacy, fall highlights and the toughest times of her life.

Our Alumni
With his whole heart

Howard M. Johnson found love, a passion for science and a bright future — all on a campus hundreds of miles from home. With generosity, he and his late wife are lighting the way for others.

Our Alumni
This family will tell you: One blind date started it all

Or maybe it was the scholarships. Either way, the result is 10 Buckeyes, 13 degrees and a special love for Ohio State.

Research & Innovation
This project will track bees using their DNA  

Funded by the Defense Department, the professor-alumnus collaboration is intended to help protect crucial pollinators. 

Research & Innovation
Why Pelotonia makes this cancer researcher cry

Abby Zalenski’s grandpa lived thanks to a charity ride-funded treatment, and that put her on a path to help others. 

Our Students
60 years apart, scientists share zeal for discovery

Kristin Chesnutt is the first recipient of the Nancy Byrd Johnson and Howard M. Johnson endowment, and a kindred spirit.

Research & Innovation
He sees the potential for data to do good 

Researcher Ayaz Hyder turns insights from the pandemic into tools that can help us better navigate future public health crises. 

News You Can Use
A guide to conquering the digital world

These strategies can help keep the computers and devices that dominate our days from dominating our minds.

Campus & Community
Ann Fisher wants you to know about everything

The journalist who expertly shares ‘All Sides’ of local-to-global issues that matter came to WOSU a virtual radio newbie. 

Spirit & Sports
Ohio State coach Karen Dennis: A leader for all

A Buckeye to be proud of, the newly retired coach spent her life racking up wins and showing women belong in leadership.

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