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Build your career roadmap

The Bill and Susan Lhota Office of Alumni Career Management is here to help with advice for grads in new roles.

While the past year has seen colossal changes in the workplace, certain advice is timeless — and applicable whether you’re just beginning your career or a seasoned veteran taking on a new role. We asked Kioshana LaCount Burrell of the alumni association’s Office of Alumni Career Management to share guidance that will help you make your mark. Her top suggestion: a 30-60-90 plan that will ensure you’re off to the best start possible in your new job.

Image of woman of color with long black hair in a light blue sweater from the perspective of a front facing camera

Motion graphics and interview: Matt Stoessner

Starting a career during COVID

Getting that first job out of college is exciting but never easy. Throw in a pandemic and it gets super tricky. These Ohio State graduates share what it was like to find jobs, move to new cities, learn a company’s culture virtually and help people endure the many challenges of COVID-19.

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